Type 1:81G bei Antoine Vérard (Paris, Offizin 56)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 1:81G
Größe (20 Z.) 81mm
M-Form M37
Schriftart Gotisch (Bastarda)
TW-ID ma02085
Beschreibung A oben offen
C2 eckig,
E rund mit Winkelsehne
D1 mit Querpunkt
U2 eckig
auch Q || gebrochen
Haebler: Typenrepertorium Abt.III, Tab., 2. got. Typen S. 108/109 Nr. 6: hs.: S2 breit
BMC VIII 71: "81 B. [Haebler 1], text type, not distinguished by Proctor from 89 (84) B. (above), which it closely resembles, but from which it is at once distinguishable by C, which is large and well tilted to the left, and by T, which is larger and squarer, with the curve of the letter starting well below the head. The type is apparently found only in part of the undated Mystere de la passion (IB. 41103) (= M23353) whence the facsimile in Claudin, ii, p. 479, is taken, and in a few words on cuts in the 1496 Art de bien vivre (IB. 41176) (= GW02589). Laurent Philippe's small bâtarde of about 1493, as shown in Claudin, ii, p. 319, is perhaps the same type, but with much larger B, seemingly belonging to the same set of capitals as C and T. The above three types (Type 4:89G, Type 2:98G, Type 1:81G) are generally taken to have been introduced during the early 1490's, but there appears to be no explicit date connected with any of them, and the only evidence adduced on the point is due to Claudin (ii, pp. 416, 306, 307), who asserts that certain cuts found in an undated edition of the Roman Hours (GW13276) printed with type 89 (84) B. (Type 4:89G) are less worn than when they recur in an edition of July, 1492, printed for Jean de Coulonce (GW13137)."
Nutzungszeit 1490-1496
Anmerkungen Prüfen: BMC VIII 154 verzeichnet für GW02587 die Type 82B des André Bocard, GW dagegen 1:81G des Vérard. Bocards Type 82B jedoch sonst nachgewiesen, und bei Haebler und in TW nicht verzeichnet.
Abbildung der GfT-Tafeln vonBMC_VIII_12_09

(BMC VIII Facs. 12)


Jahr Ort Drucker Datierung Beleg Anmerkungen
1490 + + + M2335240
[1490] + + - M23353
1491 + - + GW04970
[1493] + - - GW02587 Mit Marke I bei André Bocard (Paris, Offizin 26)
[1493] - - - GW04068
[1495] - - - GW02493
1496-06-20 + + + GW02589
[1496] + + - GW13747



  • BMC VIII 71, Facs.12: 81B
  • Macfarlane 67


  • VB 4744:KK 220 (574) (Original) = GW02587

Nicht-öffentliches Material

  • GW [2493], [4068] (GW-Fotoslg)

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  • Haebler: Typenrepertorium Abt.III, Tab., 2. got. Typen S. 108/109 Nr. 6, BMC VIII 154-5: IB.40211