Type 1:116G bei Guillaume Le Roy (Lyon, Offizin 1)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 1:116G
Größe (20 Z.) 116mm (Haebler: 115)
M-Form M56
Schriftart Gotisch (Textura)
TW-ID ma02494
Beschreibung BMC VIII 232: "116G. [P. 1], large text type, bearing some resemblance to 'Costerian' faces and also to type 130 [P. 1] of Heliae at Beromünster (= Type 1:130G bei Helias Heliae (Beromünster, Offizin 1)). Many of the capitals are of peculiar form; the head of A curves over to the left, B and E are simple outline letters, with sharp angles, H and V have inner dot, I and L have two thorns to the left, O is open at the top, S has double middle curve. The lower case is angular; a has a small upper bowl, b, h, p, q and other letters are narrow, there are three sorts of e, one very broad, one perhaps made of ē, all with steep loop-line, m, n, u are wtde and heavy, t has a sharply pointed top, initial v is roughly drawn, wide and open at the top, has a wide flat foot. The single hyphen, sometimes sloping downwards, is seldom used. In use in 1473. By 1476 the type has become 116(119)G (= Type 1*:119G)
Nutzungszeit 1473-1479


Jahr Ort Drucker Datierung Beleg
1473-09-17 + + + M12106
[1473] - - - GW09307
[1475] - - - GW06480
[1476] + + - GW-Archiv
1477 + + + GW-Archiv
1478 - - + GW-Archiv
[1479] - - - GW0636310N



  • BMC VIII 232,Facs.34: 116G [P.1]
  • Thierry-Poux: Premiers monuments 18,1-2

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