Type 2:100/101G bei Michel Topié und Jacques Heremberck (Lyon, Offizin 16)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 2:100/101G
Größe (20 Z.) 100/101mm (Haebler: 100)
M-Form M79
Schriftart Gotisch (Bastarda)
TW-ID ma02856
Beschreibung Haebler: Typenrepertorium Abt. II, Dr. Ausl., S. 257, Nr. 16: 100 (98-101) mit zweierlei Min.
evtl. zukünftig zu trennen! BMC unterscheidet 100B und 101B, Haebler nicht
leer: A1, G1 (rund), H1 (mit Dorn), N1
O, P, Q oben offen, U (eckig)
C, E, T rund, ungewöhnlich
D1 sckig, m. Sehne
I1 und
BMC VIII 288: "100 B. [P. 2], vernacular text type of distinctive design. Some of the capitals, notably D and S, are remarkably wide. A and V are swashed, B has a small separate upper bowl, D has a fine vertical passing through it, two sorts of I, one with fine vertical to right, the other, which is narrow, with one thorn, apparently occurring only in the 1488 Le Huen (IB. 41862) (= GW05080), O and Q are open at the top. The lower case is delicate and narrow, especially a; several letters, notably b and h, run out to a fine thorn at one point, looped and curled d are both found. Medium double hyphen. Found in the 1488 Le Huen, for which it was doubtless made, and in some books 'sine nota'. 101 B., not distinguished by Proctor from the preceding, with which it has the capitals (including both sorts of I) in common; the lower case, however, is much heavier, although e, l, and o are much as in the other. Medium double hyphen. Found in the 1490 Le Fèvre (Hain 7046 = M17441) and in a number of books 'sine nota', one of which cannot have been printed until February, 1493/4 (Ordonnances de Languedoc, facsimile in Claudin, iv, p. 39) (= "
Nutzungszeit 1488-1490
Abbildung der GfT-Tafeln vonGfT1772.1



Jahr Ort Drucker Datierung Beleg
1488-11-28 + + + GW05080
[1488] - - - GW06689
[1488] - - - GW10853
[1489] + + - GW-Archiv
[1489] - - - GW00371
1490 + + + GW-Archiv
[1490] - - - GW06678
[1490] - - - GW06679



  • BMC VIII 288,Facs.46: 100B [P.2] und 101B
  • Thierry-Poux: Premiers monuments 21,3 (kl. Typ.)

Nicht-öffentliches Material

  • GW 6689+ (GW-Fotoslg)
  • GW [10853] (GW-Kopienslg)

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  • Haebler: Typenrepertorium Abt. II, Dr. Ausl., S. 257, Nr. 16