Type 1***:115G bei Guillaume Le Roy (Lyon, Offizin 1)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 1***:115G
Größe (20 Z.) 115mm
M-Form   M56 (M59?)
Schriftart Gotisch (Textura)
TW-ID ma12825
Beschreibung BMC VIII 232: "115G. [P. 1*], text type, closely akin to 116 G. [P. 1], but differing in practically all its sorts. The upper case differs most conspicuously in D (crude, open above to left), O, P (heavy), S (taller, with wider upper curve). In the lower case, a is very peculiar, neither loop being closed and the upper loop line slanting so as to leave a gap between it and the upright of the lower part; wide e leaning to left, very narrow hand p, crushed-looking final s, with serifs, and long-headed t are also characteristic. This type is reproduced as type 1 on plate 2123 of the Gesellschaft für Typenkunde. Used in the Mandeville of 1480 (IB. 41516) (M20430) and in three undated books, none of the four, however, containing a printer's name."
Nutzungszeit 1480-1480
Abbildung der GfT-Tafeln vonGfT2123.1



Jahr Ort Drucker Datierung Beleg
1480-04-04 - - + M20430
[1480] - - - GW04914
[1480] - - - M15044




  • BMC VIII 232,Facs.34: 115G [P.1*]

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