Type 9*:112G bei Antoine Caillaut (Paris, Offizin 12)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 9*:112G
Größe (20 Z.) 112mm
M-Form   M32 oder M37?
Schriftart Gotisch (Bastarda)
TW-ID ma00643
Beschreibung Zu streichen!
Haebler: Typenrepertorium Abt. IV, Erg. 2, S. 149 VS, Nr. 9*, hs.: ist gleich Type 21:112G
BMC VIII 42: large French text type, possibly as Couteau and Menard 117 B. [P. 1] (Type 1:116G bei Gillet Couteau (Paris, Offizin 31)), as far as can be judged from the title of Maillard, Sermones de aduentu, 1497 (IA. 39475) (M19991), the only place where it here occurs. O with two thin verticals, set low. Large double-looped d. Measurement approximate. Its identity with Proctor's type 9*, represented by his no. †7956A (GW12209), which is not in the Museum collection, is uncertain
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  • BMC VIII 42, Facs.7: 115B


  • Haebler: Typenrepertorium Abt. IV, Erg. 2, S. 149 Vs, Nr. 9*, Pr 9* (hs.)