Type 6:125R bei Ulrich Han (Rom, Offizin 2)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 6:125R
Größe (20 Z.) 125mm
Qu-Form Qu|-G
Schriftart Romanisch (Antiqua)
TW-ID ma00889
Beschreibung 126 R. [P. 6], large text type. The capitals are those of 103 R. [P. 4] (Type 4:103R), but the lower case is considerably larger. Two forms of single Qu, one with u close to Q, the other with the tail of Q just reaching under u; separate Qu is found occasionally; a and e (rounded) are proportionately narrower than the rest of the lower case, h has rounded tail level with line, s seems to lean to the left and has long serifs, y has straight tail, ę is common; double slanting hyphen. Used in the 1473 Vergil (IB. 17296 = M49748), the 1474 Lactantius (IB. 17303 = M16537), and an undated Aeneas Syluius, Epistola ad Mahumetem (= M33656). It appears to have been soon abandoned, probably because of its size. Later on it reappears as
102 R. [P. 7] (Type 7:102R), on a smaller body, and with smaller forms of the long minuscules (b, d, f, g, h, 1, p, q, f); ę is not found. In use in 1477 and J478.
Nutzungszeit 1473-1473
Abbildung der GfT-Tafeln vonGfT1685.1



Jahr Ort Drucker Datierung Beleg
1473-11-04 + + + M49748
[1473] - - - GW11620




  • BMC IV 18,Facs.2: 126R [P.6]
  • Hae: Ital. Wieg.dr. Taf. 35

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  • GW [11620] (GW-Kopienslg)

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