Type 14*:130G bei Antoine Vérard (Paris, Offizin 56)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 14*:130G
Größe (20 Z.) 130mm
M-Form M39
Schriftart Gotisch
TW-ID ma02102
Beschreibung Zuschreibung an Vérard fraglich!
Type 14:130G mit kleineren Min.
Ob gleich Type 9:ca.115G bei Pierre Le Caron (Paris, Offizin 22)(?)
(vgl. GW04828 = Pell 2666)
Vgl. BMC VIII 266: "§ 3. The Ordonnances de la prevote des marchands de Paris (M28342) here following has naturally been connected with Verard, but it does not contain his name and not all its material can be traced in his work. As it is an official publication, the date is no doubt intended to be taken in the Parisian style."
BMC VIII 266: "132 G. [P. no. 8484, type 2], heading type, approximated in face to 152 G., with which it shares the capitals to some extent. It is not quite the same as Maurand 140 G. [P. 5] (Type 4:130G bei Jean Morand (Paris, Offizin 35)), and is robuster than Dupre 112 G. [P. 11] (Type 6:112G bei Jean Du Pré (Paris, Offizin 14)) and similar founts, with which Proctor compared it."
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  • BMC VIII 226,Facs.33: 132G (unass.) = M28342