Type 4:115G bei Jean Bouyer (Poitiers, Offizin 1)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 4:115G
Größe (20 Z.) 115mm (Haebler: 114/5)
M-Form M49
Schriftart Gotisch (Rotunda)
TW-ID ma03685
Beschreibung A1 mit Punkt
F1 mit doppeltem Dorn
P1 kurz
O und Q Winkel spitz
h rund
i tief
BMC VIII 376: large open text type, with plain capitals, the face apparently identical with that of the type used by Schenck at Vienne in 1484 (Type 1:116G bei Peter Schenck (Vienne, Offizin 3)) and subsequently by Schenck and Ortuin at Lyons (Type 4:116G bei Gaspard Ortuin (Lyon, Offizin 4)), which, however, measures 3 or 4 mm. more. F is in its normal position (not upside down as in some of Schenck's books), P is wide with short foot, S is very wide. No hyphen. Except for F, the face appears to be also as that of Rusch (Strasburg) 106 [P. 2] (Type 2:106G bei Adolf Rusch (Straßburg, Offizin 4)) as used in the Bible of about 1480 (IC. 813), which type was supplied by Amerbach from Basel; but the position of many of the capitals on the line differs.
Nutzungszeit 1490-1490


Jahr Ort Drucker Datierung Beleg
[1490] - - - GW00423



  • BMC VIII 376: 113G [P.4]
  • Thierry-Poux: Premiers monuments 27,9
  • Claudin: Poitiers pl.47