Type Gr:115Gr bei Philippus Petri (Venedig, Offizin 16)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type Gr:115Gr
Größe (20 Z.) 115mm
TW-ID ma10229
Beschreibung BMC V 218: "115 GkA., lower-case Greek alphabet, very like that used by Vindelinus de Spira, but without the tall form of τ. Two forms of ν (very narrow ν and Ν); ζ is represented by , Roman i often used for ι, ς used for στ. The type was originally without accents or breathings, but accented forms are found in 1480 (IB. 20177) (GW06936). In use in 1475, 1480."
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  • BMC V 218,Facs.19: 115GkA