Type 3:74G bei Leonhard Wild (Venedig, Offizin 34)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 3:74G
Größe (20 Z.) 74mm
M-Form   M49, selten eingesprengt M47
Schriftart Gotisch (Rotunda)
TW-ID ma10344
Beschreibung Mischtype, wie Typ. Type 1:74G und zusätzlich viele Doppelformen, s. BMC
BMC V 263: "74GB., distinguished by Proctor as type 3 with the note 'like (perhaps =) type 1'. It contains a number of morc elaborate capitals (B, C, E, G, L, R, T double-shanked or -backed, V double-crossed, A, D, H, N, O, Q double-shanked and double-crossed, scrolled I in two sizes, alternative M like Dr. Haebler's M41 rarely found), but the original forms of F, M, P, S are retained and others persist as more or less frequent alternatives. The lower-case appears to be the same throughout, allowing for progressive wear; the hyphen is usually single, and in the 1480 Summa Hostiensis (IC. 20753) (= GW12234) two forms of occur. The 1480 Astesanus (IB. 20752) (= GW02757) contains the greatest proportion of ornate majuscules, the mixture varying from book to book. The two types were in used 1478, 1480, and 1481."
Nutzungszeit 1480-1481


Jahr Ort Drucker Datierung Beleg
1480 + + + GW12234
1480-04-28 + + + GW02757
1480 + - + GW02187
[1480] - - - GW05766
1481 + + + GW04247



  • BMC V 263-4,Facs.24: 74GB [P.3]
  • Hae: Ital. Wieg.dr. Taf. 74 (= GW 2187)


  • Inc 3831.12 (= GW 2757) (Original)

Nicht-öffentliches Material

  • GW 2187 (GW-Fotoslg)
  • GW (h 269) (GW-Kopienslg)

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