Type 1:74G bei Leonhard Wild (Venedig, Offizin 34)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 1:74G
Größe (20 Z.) 74mm (Haebler: 73)
M-Form M49
Schriftart Gotisch (Rotunda)
TW-ID ma10342
Beschreibung BMC V 263: "74GA. [P. 1], small plain text type, very like Ratdolt 76 G. [P. 4] (= Type 6:76G bei Erhard Ratdolt (Venedig, Offizin 23)), and of the same class as Jenson 84 (75) G. [P. 6] (= Type 6:75G bei Nicolas Jenson (Venedig, Offizin 2)), but not so narrow. Large F running out to an angle to left is characteristic; S is rather small and flat; h with rounded tail which is apt not quite to reach the lower level of the line. The type is practically pure in the 1478 Aquinas (lB. 20743) (= M46397), but alternative A (diamonded, with double line to left), C (rounded like the Roman form) and I (wide, scrolled to left, as in Ratdolt 76 G. [P. 4]) occur, while high double slanting hyphen is exclusively used. In the 1478 Bible (IB. 20745) (= GW04233) rounded C is the usual form, an alternative F (smaller) and S (larger) occurs, scrolled I has not been noticed, while the hyphen is mostly of the single sloping variety. V dropped below the line is frequent in the last quire and is characteristic of the 1479 Aquinas (IB. 20747) (= M46498) throughout. This type forms the basis of 74GB (= Type 3:74G)."
Divis doppelt
Nutzungszeit 1478-1481
Abbildung der GfT-Tafeln vonGfT0325.1



Jahr Ort Drucker Datierung Beleg
1478 + + + GW-Archiv
1478 + + + GW04233
1478 + - + GW-Archiv
1479 + + + GW-Archiv
[1480] - - - M31035
1481 + - + GW-Archiv




  • BMC V 263,Facs.24: 74GA [P.1]


  • 3831.5, (Original)

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