Type 9:84Gr bei Aldus Manutius (Venedig, Offizin 134)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 9:84Gr
Größe (20 Z.) 84mm (Haebler: 82)
TW-ID ma10575
Beschreibung BMC V 551: "84 Gk. [P. 9], small light cursive text type, 'of very flowing character, with a large number of ligatures, but fewer contractions than the larger founts ... considering its small size, very legible, owing to the fineness and uniformity of the lines ... The capitals are, however, ... too small and out of character; they appear to be largely identical with those used in the early books ... printed in the italic type of Aldus' (Proctor). First found, in small quantities and mostly without accents, in the Perottus, July, 1499 (IB. 24495) (= M31090), but probably not used in bulk until 1501."
Nutzungszeit 1499-1499


Jahr Ort Drucker Datierung Beleg Anmerkungen
1499-07 + + + M31090 Nur Zitate im lat. Text
1499 + + + GW08435 Nur in Teil 3, der in den meisten Ex. nicht vorhanden ist
1499 + + + GW07223 Nur kleinere Stücke im lat. Text




  • BMC V 551,Facs.41: 84Gk. [P.9]


  • 4506, 4508 (+ Kunst B:Gris 1066 mtl) (Original)
  • VB 4508: KK 206 (2663), (Original)

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