Aldus Manutius (Venedig, Offizin 134)


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Type TW-ID M/Qu Nutzungszeit Beschreibung GfT
1*:121Gr ma11953 1494-1495 Erste griechische Type bei Aldus
Ist gleich Type 1:146Gr auf kleinerem Kegel
BMC V 551: "125 Gk. [P. 1*], cursive text type, with numerous ligatures and contractions, the short letters cast at the foot of the face (so as to give a long shoulder for accented sorts) and the low strokes kerned on to the line below, as is shown by an accidentally printed space on l8b of the Lascaris, March, 1495 (IA. 24383) (= M17107), the only book in which this state of the type is found. Cf. 146 Gk. [P. 1] below, with reproduction."
1:146Gr ma10567 1495-1499 Zweiter Zustand von Type 1*:121Gr, Neuguss auf größerem Kegel mit reduziertem Formeninventar
BMC V 551: "146 Gk. [P. 1], cursive text type, the face substantially as that of 125 Gk. [P. 1*], but with less white between the letters and with a reduction in the number of ordinary sorts and an addition to that of the ligatures and contractions. Cast on the ordinary plan, the accents being mostly separate. Accented capitals. In use in 1495-July, 1498."
GfT 1340
2:114R ma10568 Qu|-I (Antiqua) 1495-1500 BMC V 551: "114 R. [P. 2], Aldine text type, with accents, semicolons and commas. Capitals black and rather small, single Qu with very long straight tail ending in an upward bend, M with sloping shanks, S leaning to right; e with horizontal loop line, right shank of h slightly rounded, dotted i, narrow, slightly leaning s, peculiar alternative ae in which the hook of a is suppressed, made up of q and semi-colon, small ; alternative a, e, m, t, &c., with lengthened serifs for use at ends of lines common at first; single hyphen, at first horizontal, afterwards also slanting, outline with double upright in and after January, 1497. In use in 1495/6-June, 1499, superseded by 115 R (= Type 2**:115R)."
Zu unterscheiden lt. BMC V 551: "114 R*., text type, not distinguished by Proctor. Apparently a combination of the lower-case of 114 R. [P. 2] with larger majuscules of more normal Venetian style. Single Qu with well-curved tail, two forms of A, H, M, S. Found only in a reprint of the first sheet of the 1498 Politian (cf. IB. 24473), where it looks very fresh. Not reproduced." Vgl. M34727. BMC beschreibt eine Variante in einem der Londoner Ex., möglicherweise spätere Ergänzung/Variante.
GfT 1341
2*:110R ma11954 Qu|-K (keine Klassifizierung) (Antiqua) 1499-1499 Zu streichen? Vgl. BMC V 552: "The appearance of a type 2* in Dr. Haebler's list (Qu|, 109/10) is due to a misunderstanding."
2**:115R ma10569 (Antiqua) 1499-1499 BMC V 551: "115 R., Aldine text type, not distinguished by Proctor. Again a combination of the lower-case of 114 R. [P. 2] with other majuscules, for the most part slightly larger and less black than the old. Q appears to have a slight wave in the straight of the tail, A has broad feet, R has smaller bowl and proportionately longer tail, S does not lean. An admixture of the original forms still persists (cf. facsimile), and in the Firmicus, October, 1499 (IB. 24486), where both types are used, 114 R. shows some of the later forms. In use from July, 1499, onwards."
3:108R ma10570 Q|u-D (Antiqua) 1494-1498 BMC V 551: "108 R. [P. 3], text type, with separate drop-tail Q set close to u, stroked i, t with short serif, large 9, double sloping and single horizontal hyphen. Apparently as De Quarengiis 109 R. [P. 5] (= Type 5:109R bei Petrus de Quarengis (Venedig, Offizin 125)). Dr. Haebler's measurement. In use in 1495. Not reproduced."
i mit Schrägstrich
4:81R ma10571 Qu|-G (Antiqua) 1495-1499 BMC V 551: "81 R. [P. 4], small text type, rather heavy, with small capitals; single Qu with long, almost horizontal tail, very small , large sloping single hyphen. Apparently as Pincius 80 RB. [P. 15] (= Type 15:80R bei Philippus Pincius (Venedig, Offizin 104)), Jo. Rubeus 80 R. [P. 3] (= Type 3:80R bei Johannes und Albertinus Rubeus (Venedig, Offizin 90)), &c. Found only on one page of the 1495 Aristotle (IB. 24395). Cf. 82 R. [P. 10] (= Type 10:82R) below. Not reproduced."
5:108R ma11955 (Antiqua) Zu streichen? Ist = Type 3:108R?
Vgl. aber BMC V 551: "110 RA. [P. 5], text type, apparently differing from 108 R. [P. 3] (= Type 3:108R) only in t, which has a broad serif. Found only in a few lines of the 1495 Gaza (IA. 24398) (= GW10562). Measurement approximate. Not reproduced."
Ebenfalls BMC V 551: "110 RB., text type, not distinguished by Proctor. Bold R, e with very shallow loop, dotted i. Probably as De Choris 108 R. [P. 12] (= Type 12:108R bei Bernardinus de Choris (Venedig, Offizin 98)), &c. Found only in a few lines of the 1495 Gaza (= GW10562). Measurement approximate. Not reproduced."
In GW10562 nur Type 3:108R verzeichnet!
6:82R ma10572 Qu|-H (Antiqua) 1495-1495 BMC V 551: "83 R. [P. 6], round commentary type, single Qu, e with shallow loop, t with blunt top. As Locatellus 80 R. [P. 5] (= Type 5:80R bei Bonetus Locatellus (Venedig, Offizin 85)), De Choris 80 R. [P. 7] (= Type 7:80R bei Bernardinus de Choris (Venedig, Offizin 98)), &c., in face. In use in 1495, 1495/6. Not reproduced."
7:114Gr ma10573 1496-1499 BMC V 551: "114 Gk. [P. 7], cursive text type. 'Practically a reduced copy of the larger type [P. 1], it shows a firmer and more practised hand, and avoids many of the extravagances of the earlier type, while still full of minute variations and elaborate contractions' (Proctor). Cast on a disproportionately large body to range with 114 R. [P. 2], but also found cut down for use with 87 R. [P. 8] (= Type 8:87R). In use from August, 1496 to the end of 1499."
GfT 1369
8:87R ma10574 Qu|-K1 (Antiqua) 1497-1497 BMC V 551: "87 R. [P. 8], small Aldine text type, a lighter copy of 114 R. [P. 2] (= Type 2:114R). Single Qu; comma almost below line, single short slanting hyphen. In use in 1497."
9:84Gr ma10575 1499-1499 BMC V 551: "84 Gk. [P. 9], small light cursive text type, 'of very flowing character, with a large number of ligatures, but fewer contractions than the larger founts ... considering its small size, very legible, owing to the fineness and uniformity of the lines ... The capitals are, however, ... too small and out of character; they appear to be largely identical with those used in the early books ... printed in the italic type of Aldus' (Proctor). First found, in small quantities and mostly without accents, in the Perottus, July, 1499 (IB. 24495) (= M31090), but probably not used in bulk until 1501."
GfT 1370
10:82R ma10576   Qu|-G und Q|u-C (Antiqua) 1499-1500 BMC V 552: "82 R. [P. 10], small text type. (1) At first (July, 1499) this is a revival of 81 R. [P. 4], with alternative separate Q (as in facsimile), 5 leaning to right, larger 9, small nearly horizontal hyphen and a comma. (2) In December, 1499, the lower-case is combined with a set of lighter capitals evidently intended as smaller copies of those of 114 R. [P. 2].; they normally have very long-tailed Aldine Q but also show the separate Q with short tail found as an alternative in July, 1499. These capitals, at first mostly used massed, become normal with the type in 1500, except that the original small single Qu persists and the Aldine Q is discarded."
11:80R ma13988 nicht belegt (Kursiv) 1500-1500 Kursive
Erst ab 1501 als komplette Type in Gebrauch (erstmals in Vergil: Opera. Venedig: Aldus Manutius, IV.1501, EDIT 16 CNCE 55823)
Im 15. Jahrhundert einige Minuskeln im Hlzs. v. GW06222 (dort Bl. 10b)
BMC V 552: "80 Ital., not distinguished by Proctor. A few words of the Aidine italic, without majuscules, are found in the Catarina da Siena, Epistole, September, 1500 (IB. 24504). Measurement approximate. Not reproduced."
12:114H ma14206 quadr. (Quadratisch) 1498-1498 Nur einige Wörter in M34727, Bl. H8a
13:114H ma14207 quadr. (Quadratisch) 1499-1499 Nur einige Wörter in GW07223, Bl. b8b
Schriftbild deutlich kleiner als Type 12:114H, aber Kegelhöhe offenbar wie bei der im Druck als Texttype verwendeten Type 2:114R


Initiale TW-ID Höhe Nutzungszeit Beschreibung GfT
a ma10577 42mm 1495-1499 schwarz auf weiß
Konturbuchstaben mit Blättern und Blüten, ohne Umrandung
die griech. Init. kommen, soweit ihre Form es gestattet, auch in lat. Drucken vor
GfT 1575
b ma10578 50mm 1495-1499 schwarz auf weiß
selten prismatisch
von verzierten oder glatten Schlingenmustern umschlungen
ohne Umrandung
GfT 1340
GfT 1576
c ma10579 36mm 1495-1499 schwarz auf weiß
GfT 1577
d ma10580 28mm 1495-1499 schwarz auf weiß
GfT 1578
e ma10581 21mm 1495-1497 schwarz auf weiß
GfT 1578
f ma10582 13/15mm 1495-1498 schwarz auf weiß
ohne Rand
GfT 1578
g ma10583 1495-1498 Kopfleisten von Schlingenmustern oder Blattwerk
meist den Initialen angepaßt
Grund schraffiert
GfT 1340
GfT 1371
GfT 1372
h ma10584 30mm 1499-1500 schwarz auf weiß
lat. Konturbuchstaben mit Schlingenmuster auf schraffiertem Grund
GfT 1575
i ma10585 15mm 1497-1500 schwarz auf weiß
k ma11956 36mm 1494-1500 schwarz auf weiß
prismatische Buchstaben, von figürlichen Mustern umschlungen, mit Umrandung
l ma10586 27mm 1497-1500 schwarz auf weiß
Buchstaben von derbem, dichtem Gerank umschlungen, ohne Umrandung, (S)
m ma10587 40mm 1500-1500 schwarz auf weiß
wie Init. Initiale l, (Q)
n ma10588 50mm 1500-1500 weiß auf schwarz
(GW 6222 = H 4688 = ISTC ic00281000)
o ma10589 32mm 1497-1500 schwarz auf weiß
(GW 6222 = H 4688 = ISTC ic00281000)
p ma11957 22mm 1500-1500 weiß auf schwarz, Gerank. hs.: prism. und einfach, auch Figuren, (H 4688 = GW 6222)
GfT (2434: Locatellus)
q ma10590 18mm 1500-1500 schwarz auf weiß
(GW 6222 = H 4688 = ISTC ic00281000)


Rubr. TW-ID Form Nutzungszeit Beschreibung GfT
α ma10591 normale Form 1495-1499 Kontur, Sehne doppelt
zu Type 2:114R, Type 7:114Gr und Type 8:87R

Alternative Namen

Aldus Manutius, Romanus (BMC); Manuzio, Aldo Pio; Manucci, Aldo Pio

Personen, die mit dieser Offizin in Verbindung stehen

Manutius, Aldus


  • Sicherl: M.: Griechische Erstausgaben des A. M. (VE 301/10)
  • Aldo Manuzio tipografo, 1495-1515: Firenze, Biblioteca medicea laurenziana, 17 giugno-30 luglio 1994: catalogo; a cura di Luciana Bigliazzi... [et al.]. Publisher: Firenze: Octavo, c1994. ISBN: 8880300407
  • In praise of Aldus Manutius: a quincentenary exhibition; H. George Fletcher; New York: Pierpont Morgan Library, 1995. ISBN: 0295974656 [Catalog of an exhibition at the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, Jan. 10-Apr. 9, 1995; and the University Research Library, Dept. of Special Collection, University of California, Los Angeles, Apr. 24-July 8, 1995]