Type 3***:112G bei Antoine Vérard (Paris, Offizin 56)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 3***:112G
Größe (20 Z.) 112mm
M-Form M32(?)
Schriftart Gotisch (Bastarda)
TW-ID ma12982
Beschreibung Bastarda
BMC 112B
BMC VIII 70: "112 B., bold text type, with numerous variant capitals, among them being two forms of Prof. Haebler's M32 and one of his M35. It much resembles Marchant 107B. [P. 3] (= Type 3:105/106G bei Guy Marchant (Paris, Offizin 13)), from which it was not separated by Proctor, but may be readily distinguished by the measurement, by the mixed capitals, by A, which is normally of the open-headed form, by v, which is set low and leans to the left, and by double hyphen, which is not quite so steep. Dupre 113B. [P. 5] is of the same class and a number of the capital variants occur in the alphabet reproduced by Claudin, i, p. 223, as from this type (correctly?); Dupre's wide S, however, is not found. The present type appears to be that described as Marchant's type 6 by Prof. Haebler. In use in 1488, 1489."
ist gleich Type 3:105/106G bei Guy Marchant (Paris, Offizin 13) bzw. nach Haebler Typ. 6
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(BMC VIII Facs. 11)



  • BMC VIII 70,Facs.11: 112B