Antonio di Francesco (Florenz, Offizin 2*)


Personen, die mit dieser Offizin in Verbindung stehen

Francesco, Antonio di


  • ISTC ir00200600: "IGI interpreted the colophon 'per Antonium Francisci uenetum" to mean Antonio di Bartolommeo Miscomini, corrected by Rhodes. BMC VI xvii implies that the book should be dated 1496 using the type 130G of Laurentius de Alopa, Antonius Francisci's brother. However, Antonius Francisci is not known to have been active in Florence after about 1490. Although he is only known to have been active in Firenze in 1487-89, it seems more likely that the book was printed by Antonius Franciscus in 1486; Alopa's type 130G was in use by Pachel and Scinzenzeler as early as 1478 (BMC VI 665)"