Pedro Posa (Barcelona, Offizin 2)



Type TW-ID M/Qu Nutzungszeit Beschreibung GfT
1:110G ma12006 M88 m. Haken 1481-1481
GfT 1403
2:108R ma13047 Qu|-G
GfT 1404
3:108G ma13048 M88 1482-1493
GfT 1405
GfT 1406
4:150G ma11960 M51 1491-1499 A mit langem Kopfriegel
BMC X 5: 148 G. [Haebler 4], large text or heading type, distinguishable from 143 G. (Type 4*:143G) by D closed, P with double stem separate, M having the final limb joined to the head of the stem by a thin line. Minuscule g with larger bowl and curved loop. In use in 1488-94.
GfT 1406
4*:143G ma13051 M51 1499-1499
GfT 1403
5:72G ma11961 M42 1491-1499
6:94G ma13049 M88 1499-1499
7:160G ma13050 M88 Type im GW-Ms für M19454 u. M49057 verzeichnet. Damit würde die Type BMC X 5 143G. entsprechen, die im BMC mit Type 4*:143G identifiziert wird.
Vgl. BMC X 5: 143 G. [P. 2; Gesellschaft fur Typenkunde 1403, type 4*; Haebler, Geschichte, Abb. 93, wrongly numbered 'type 2'], heading type, used sparingly. Capitals ornate. Haebler's M51, the left half very narrow. Large A with diamond. D (open at top left side), H, P, Q, V (scrolled stem) double-crossed. P with twistwd double stem joined at foot. Double-stemmed S. Tall E with cross-bar set low is found in the first three quires of Lull, Arbor conscientia , 22 August, 1482 (IB. 52514) (=M19454), but superseded by a form with double cross-bar, which when heavily inked appears as a thick single bar. In Taranta, Practica, 23 December, 1484 (IB. 52516) (=M49057), I and V appear to have been recut. In us in 1482, 1484.
8:87G ma13052 M84 BMC X 6: 87 G., small text type in the Venetian style. Haebler's M84 of unusual form, the right half rounded an detached from the stem. Several capitals (e.g. F, H, N, P, R) double-stemmed. Square-headed N as in Spindler 150 G. (Type 4:150G bei Nikolaus Spindeler (Barcelona, Offizin 1)) and 110 G. (Type 3:109G bei Nikolaus Spindeler (Barcelona, Offizin 1)) O, Q with inner diamond, V with hook. Two forms of D, one plain, with thorn, the other indented resembling a B, and of I, both plain, the stem of the larger bent to the right downwards. Steep single hyphen. In use in 1484.


Initiale TW-ID Höhe Nutzungszeit Beschreibung GfT
a ma13053 25/27mm 1499-1499 weiß auf schwarz
Buchstaben mit feinem, dichtem Rankenwerk
GfT 1406
b ma13054 10mm 1498-1499 volle Lombarden ohne Perlen
c ma13055 4mm 1498-1498 Lombard-Maj. ohne Perlen
GfT 1406
d ma11962 1491-1498
e ma13056 193mm Leiste
weiß auf schwarz
GfT 1406
f ma11963 58mm 1491-1491 Buchstaben und dichtes Gerank
gemusterter Rand
g ma13057 16mm 1493-1493 volle Lombarden ohne Perlen
ca.16 mm
GW M19457 = H 10321 = ISTC il00385000
Haebler, Konrad: Bibliografia Ibérica del siglo XV, Bd. I/II (Am 8062)
h ma13058 21mm 1492-1499 weiß auf schwarz
Haebler, Konrad: Bibliografia Ibérica del siglo XV, Bd. I/II (Am 8062)
i ma13059 43mm 1492-1492 weiß auf schwarz
Haebler, Konrad: Bibliografia Ibérica del siglo XV, Bd. I/II (Am 8062)
k ma13060 1498-1498 Lomb. Maj.
GW 9544 = ISTC ie00185600


Rubr. TW-ID Form Nutzungszeit Beschreibung GfT
α ma11964 normale Form 1491-1499 rund, weiß breit, obere Spitze mittel, untere ganz kurz
zu Type Type 5:72G
β ma13061 normale Form hs.: kleiner als α. (Ernst; Haebler 36)

Alternative Namen

Pedro Posa und Peter Brun

Personen, die mit dieser Offizin in Verbindung stehen

Posa, Pedro; Brun, Peter