Type 7:74G bei Leonhard Pachel und Ulrich Scinzenzeller (Mailand, Offizin 12)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 7:74G
Größe (20 Z.) 74mm
M-Form M49
Schriftart Gotisch (Rotunda)
TW-ID ma08911
Beschreibung BMC VI 744: 74 G [P. 7], plain text type, with scrolled I and rather wide e, bearing an exceedingly close resemblance to Ratdolt (Venice) 76 G. [P. 4] (Type 6:76G bei Erhard Ratdolt (Venedig, Offizin 23)), but without ligatures and hyphen and with somewhat coarser , and differing in P, which in June, 1481 (IA. 26463) (=M23684) is too large, with double diagonal, but in subsequent books is plain, like that of Ratdolt's type, but leaning slightly to left. In the Carlomagno of March, 1483 (IA. 26494, q.v.) (=GW12605) it seems at first to have been leaded to about 78 mm. The first state is distinguished from De Corneno 74 G. [P. 2] (Type 2:74G bei Petrus de Corneno (Mailand, Offizin 15)) by the diagonals of P, which are parallel and the lower of which reaches nearly to the foot of the shaft. In use in 1481, 1483.
Nutzungszeit 1483-1485


Jahr Ort Drucker Datierung Beleg
1483 + + + GW-Archiv
1483-03-22 + + + GW12605
[1485] - - - GW02163



  • BMC VI 744: 74G [P.7]

Nicht-öffentliches Material

  • GW 12605 (GW-Kopienslg)