Paulus Ferrariensis (Treviso, Offizin 9)



BMC VI 898: The types derive from Vicenza, where they were used by Achates (types 4, 5 [P.]) (Leonardus Achates (Vicenza, Offizin 1)), Liechtenstein (type 8 (P.]) (Hermann Liechtenstein (Vicenza, Offizin 7)) and Di Ca Zeno (types 1, 2 [P.]) (Rigo di Ca Zeno (Vicenza, Offizin 9)) in 1479-81.


Type TW-ID M/Qu Nutzungszeit Beschreibung GfT
1:95R ma10031   Qu|-G, selten Q|u-C
2:78R ma10032 Qu|-G BMC VI 897: 80 R. P. 2 , commentary type. The same face cast on bodies of different size. Single Qu (sometimes separated) and separate larger Q tilted to right, both long-tailed; the separate form is not used with the shorter body. Very large O, two forms of S and T, both of which apparently occur with each type. Straight-shanked h, ę with peculiar flat-hooked cedilla; small differences in the lower case between the two sizes seem due to irregularities of casting. Single steep wedge-shaped hyphen.
3:Gr ma10033

Alternative Namen

Paulus Ferrariensis und Dionysius Bertochus

Personen, die mit dieser Offizin in Verbindung stehen

Paulus Ferrariensis; Bertochus, Dionysius