Type 1:108R bei Wendelinus de Wila (Rom, Offizin 8)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 1:108R
Größe (20 Z.) 108mm (Haebler: 109)
Qu-Form Qu|-K1
Schriftart Romanisch (Antiqua)
TW-ID ma09697
Beschreibung zur Abgrenzung Guldinbeck vgl. Bühler in: La Bibliofilia xxx(1935) (4°a 32/25): m. erster griech. Type des Han (wie n 13) u. ohne got. Min.einspr. (wie bei Guldinbeck ab August 1475)
BMC IV 48: "108 R. [P. 1], large text type, hardly distinguishable in face from Lauer 102 R. (Type 14:102R bei Georg Lauer (Rom, Offizin 4)), but C is without serif at foot, E curls up more at the base, F is broader, I has flatter serifs; single but widely-spaced Qu, with bent to tail, is usual, but a more compact variety, with longer tail, also occurs; g has the lower loop closed, and is larger. Three abbreviations of et are found: &, and z. This type was also used in books signed by Guldinbeck [P. 1] in 1475 (Type 1:108R bei Bartholomäus Guldinbeck (Rom, Offizin 18)), before it had ceased to be used by Wendelinus de Wila. There seems to be no means of determining which of these two printers is responsible for a number of unsigned and undated books printed in this type, and Proctor's plan of ranging the doubtful books together under Guldinbeck is here followed. A mixed form of this type is reproduced under Guldinbeck (see Plate VII*)."
Divis einfach, groß, schräg bis steil
Nutzungszeit 1473-1475
Abbildung der GfT-Tafeln vonGfT2079.1



Jahr Ort Drucker Datierung Beleg
[1473] - - - GW07295
1474 + + + GW06713
[1474] - - - GW13471
1475-07-06 + + + GW00397




  • BMC IV 48, XII 4,Facs.1: 108R [P.1]

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  • GW 6713 (GW-Kopienslg)

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  • Bühler: La Bibliofilia xxx(1935) (4°a 32/25)