Type 3****:112G bei Antoine Vérard (Paris, Offizin 56)


Bezeichnung (nach GW) Type 3****:112G
Größe (20 Z.) 112mm
M-Form M32
Schriftart Gotisch (Textura)
TW-ID ma12983
Beschreibung Textura
nach BMC wie Paris 16: Pierre Levet Typ. 113G [P.2]
C rund mit Punkt
BMC 112G
BMC VIII 70: "112G., title and heading type, with mixed capitals partly common to this and 112B. (= Type 3***:112G), perhaps as Levet 113 G. [P.2] (= Type 2:114G bei Pierre Levet (Paris, Offizin 16)). Diamonded and open-topped A, the latter being the only form found in the 1488 Christine de Pisan (IB. 41088) (= GW06647) and Ethiques en francoys (IB. 41090) (= GW02381). Proctor did not distinguish it either from Levet's type or from Marchant 107 G. [P. 2] (= Type 2:107G bei Guy Marchant (Paris, Offizin 13)). In use in 1488, 1489, and in the Frere Laurent, Somme (IA. 41086) (= M17233), which may be earlier."
Pierre Levet (Paris, Offizin 16)
Nutzungszeit -
Abbildung der GfT-Tafeln vonBMC_VIII_09_06

(BMC VIII Facs. 9)

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(BMC VIII Facs. 11)



  • BMC VIII 70,Facs.11: 112G


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